A "PHOTOGRAPH", (often just called a photo) is an image (or a representation of that on e.g. paper) created by collecting and focusing reflected electromagnetic radiation. The most common photographs are those created of reflected visible wavelengths, producing permanent records of what the human eye can see.

Most photographs are made with a camera, which focuses the light onto either photographic film or a CCD or CMOS image sensor. Photographs can also be made by placing objects on photosensitive paper and exposing it to light (the result is often called a photogram) or by placing objects on the platen of a flatbed scanner - This article is licensed under the GNU Free Documentation License. It uses material from the Wikipedia article, Photograph.

Seashell Pictures

Seashell Pictures

We’ve got great sea shell photographs that can be used for your interior designing. We’ve got seashell pictures for almost anyone who lives along the coast in the USA or any other parts of the world. Sea shell prints and seashell pictures are exceptional visual art pieces perfect for decorating beach homes, bathrooms, and sun porches.

These unique seashell pictures are available for sale in six sizes to be used in wall grouping. If you like sea shells, you would probably be interested in our seashell pictures.

decorate your beach house with sea shell photographs and seashell pictures by Sea Shell Photos. We’ve got some of the best seashell pictures for special people like you. You have come to the right place because Sea Shell Photos, a division of Richard’s Photography, brings you seashell pictures you need. Adorn your homes or office with seashell pictures from Sea Shell Photos. Our seashell pictures and pictures of seashells are also available as larger focal point wall art.


Black And White Seashell Photos
Close Up Sea Shell Photos
Colorful Seashell Photos
Pictures Of Seashells

Professional Sea Shell Photos
Sea Shell Photos
Seashell Paintings
Seashell Pictures
Unique Sea Shell Photos

Unique Sea Shell Pictures
Unique Seashell Photos
Unique Seashell Pictures

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