Things commonly known as "SHELL" include:
  • An animal shell, the hard, rigid outer covering of an animal such as a mollusk or a turtle.
  • The hard outer layer of some plant fruiting bodies such as nuts.
  • An operating system shell, such as a Unix shell command line interpreter in the Unix operating system.
  • An electron shell (energy level), consisting of a number of electrons in an orbital around an atomic nucleus
  • The short name for the Royal Dutch/Shell oil company.
  • A projectile with explosive charge, shot from a gun; typically shells are larger than bullets and shot from larger guns.
  • A structural form, usually made of concrete, that principally derives its strength by virtue of its shape. The term is derived from the primary usage in the context of nature. For example, the shell of an egg though very thin is difficult to break because of its shape.
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Florida Seashells

Florida Seashells

Sea Shell Photos takes pride in the unique seashell gifts and florida seashells we feature. Our florida seashells and florida seashells are captured and designed with creativity.

We’ve got florida seashells for almost anyone who lives along the coast in the USA or any other parts of the world. Sea shell prints and florida seashells are exceptional visual art pieces perfect for decorating beach homes, bathrooms, and sun porches. If you like sea shells, you would probably be interested in our florida seashells. Each florida seashells image is an original art piece and not mass-produced. From florida seashells to shells to unique seashell gifts, Sea Shell Photos brings you high quality images you can use when decorating.

Sea Shell Photos takes great pride in bringing the best florida seashells that become beautiful decors for any beach house. When you’re looking for that creative florida seashells, shells, or unique seashell gifts, Sea Shell Photos will be happy to provide for you. We’ve got some of the best florida seashells for special people like you. Based in Tallahassee, Florida, Richard's Photography offers artistic florida seashells, shells, and unique seashell gifts for people like you.

Adorn your homes or office with florida seashells from Sea Shell Photos. Sea Shell Photos has a wide selection of great florida seashells, shells, and unique seashell gifts. You have come to the right place because Sea Shell Photos, a division of Richard’s Photography, brings you florida seashells you need. We’ve got great sea shell photographs that can be used for your interior designing.

This is the only website in the Internet that offers florida seashells, shells, and unique seashell gifts. These unique florida seashells are available for sale in six sizes to be used in wall grouping. Our florida seashells and shells are also available as larger focal point wall art. Our seashell images and florida seashells were once used in decorating Coastal Living Magazine’s 2004 Home of the Year. Stop searching for that perfect florida seashells because Sea Shell Photos’ got the best photos you need.

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